Lighting The Docks With Goosenecks

I grew up in Northern France and my house was right on the coast by the English channel. We had a small pier that docked our families boats and my job one summer was to put up gooseneck lighting on both sides of the dock. We  wanted to set up these lights so my family could take the boats out at night and also be able to fish much later in the evenings. I went to the store to get 5 new gooseneck light fixtures and I got to choose which style and color I wanted for the dock. I went with a mint green which had a nice vintage feel to it.

I got started early in the morning and was hoping I could be finished by the evening so we could enjoy it that night. The hard part about it was that the dock would sway with the current and was a tough task to get the intricate ¬†part of the installation installed correctly. I had got the first two gooseneck lights up and was marveling at how awesome it looked. Nighttime was approaching and just as I was installing the third one it started to rain. Having to deal with wires and electricity I didn’t think it was a good idea to stay out there while it was raining.

gooseneck lighting fixture


So I decided to stay out there while it was raining and got the lights put up rather quickly before the conditions got worse. I finished and was really proud of the work i did. The next morning I showed my family and they thought the lights looked great as well. We decided to go fishing that evening under the new goosenecks and we ended up catching a lot more fish then we normally catch due to us being able to stay out there longer.