Lighting The Docks With Goosenecks

I grew up in a coastal house in northern France, right by the English Channel. We had a small pier that docked our family’s boats. It was my job one summer was to install ___ on both sides of the dock. In addition to the increased safety, these lights would allow my family to take the boats out at night and fish much later in the evenings. I went to the store to pick up five new ___ with plenty of style and color choices to fit the dock just right. I chose a mint green with a nice vintage feel to it.

I got started early with the hope of finishing by the evening so we could enjoy the night outdoors. It was admittedly difficult to install the lights as the dock swayed with the current. The first two looked so good once they were up that I had to take a moment to just marvel at them. However, nighttime was fast approaching and just as I was installing the third one, rain began to fall. I thought it might be best to wait to deal with the electrical wiring until the rain passed.

gooseneck lighting fixture


I ultimately decided to remain out there while it was raining, quickly putting up the lights before the conditions worsened. Though I was soaked, I felt quite proud of the finished work. The next morning, my family saw for themselves and affirmed my pride. That evening, we decided to go fishing under the new goosenecks’ illumination. With the later hours the lights afforded us, we were able to catch far more than we ever had before.