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Littoral Sud Schoolhouse

I always enjoyed going to school and learning about new and exciting things, regardless of whether they were part of a formal lesson. For instance, one of my inspirations for getting into lights was the ___ that hung in each of my classrooms. I would consistently find myself staring at them and I can remember being enamored by those ___.

Just a few years ago I landed a job installing lights at a school not too far from my alma mater. I also worked with the designer to locate some nice lights that would fit in well with the building’s aesthetic. After quite some time spent internet browsing for some good lights, I recalled the ___ that had so held my attention many years before.

stem mounted schoolhouse lighting fixtures

I went back to my old school to check if those lighting fixtures were still in there so I could find exactly what I needed. Sure enough, they were still hanging there after all these years, and the classic look held up wonderfully. I took some photos of them and did some internet research to find some similar new lights.

There were many variations of these exact style lights, available with gooseneck, cord hung, and stem mountings. I chose the stem mount since these would be hanging from the ceiling and I was immediately anticipating their arrival.

When they did arrive, I showed the project designer, who loved them as well. Once we installed them, they received acclaim from nearly everyone at the school.